Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Read Directions

Prompt:  This may take some time to solve.

Haplo scratches his head while looking at what seems like a million pieces to a new toy for his son, Connor. He looks at his wife, Ana, and says, “This may take some time to solve. There are so many pieces. Just look at all of them. I hope I can get this thing together before his birthday. It's only three days away.”

Ana smiles down at him sitting on the floor pouting. “You'll do just fine. Read the directions this time. It might help. You want me to help at all?”

Haplo raises an eyebrow with a smirk. “Read the directions this time? Are you picking on me?”

“Nope not at all. Just a little advice.” Ana smirks resisting the temptation to say more. She had to be nice. He just looked to cute sitting there on the floor surrounded by toy parts looking more lost than she'd ever seen him look before.

“I'll have you know, I have put together many things without even looking at the directions once.” Haplo's face changes to a determined look. His eyes focused on the parts trying to determine which ones go with what other part.

“Yes you have and how many of those times did you have to take the thing apart and start over because you got it wrong?” Ana has seen the many times he's had to start a project over because he didn't follow directions and got pieces in the wrong spots. He didn't have time with this project to mess it up and have to start over.

“Oh shush it.” He grins knowing she is right.

“You only have three days. You don't have time to have to start it over. Please read the directions and follow them this time. I can help if you would let me. We'd get it done quicker and maybe avoid a trip to the emergency room as well.” She smirks nearly laughing.

“Hey now. I have not had to go to the emergency room in several months. Thank you very much.”

“More like a couple of months. The last time you had to go was about two months ago when you were working on that desk for me and sliced your finger wide open. Thankfully the bone stopped it from going any further.” Ana leans down and kisses the top of Haplo's head. “I love you.”

He looks up at her with a smile. “I love you too, baby. You sassy girl.”

“Yes, but you love me sassy.”

“Why yes, yes I do.” He smiles and grabs the directions and starts reading as Ana leaves the garage headed for the house.

“Do you need anything from the house? A drink? Something to eat?”

“I could go for a soda.”

“Water it is.” Ana says with a chuckle.

“Really? Water? You are going to kill me with all this being healthy stuff.” He turns to smile at her. “Fine. Water it is.”

“Water isn't going to kill you, now stop being such a baby.” She giggles and heads through the door to the kitchen leaving Haplo pondering the finer points of health and the monster toy he's putting together.

Ana opens a cupboard and takes out a drink bottle for Haplo's water. She finds a nice one with blue swirls on it and fills it with cold water and a few ice cubes. One day he would appreciate her nagging about the healthy stuff. She smiles to herself and heads back to the garage.

“Now were the heck is part C?” She hears Haplo say as she walks through the door.

“Here's your water.” She says as she set it down next to him a few inches away.

“Thank you, baby.” He says with a half grin and a slight frown. “This thing is already driving me crazy.”

“Let me help, please. You are looking for part C, correct?” Ana asks as she starts picking up pieces and checking the part letter. After checking four pieces she hands part C to Haplo.

“Yeah, part C. Thank you, baby.” He smiles and takes the part, setting it aside with part B.

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