Thursday, January 14, 2016

Once Again - Poem


The darkness knows its place
It creeps in when I am not looking
and finds its place within the far corners
and recesses of my mind.
It settles in and lives there festering,
waiting for the light to start to fade
so it can come out to play
making my life miserable
once again.

It tortures me constantly
even from its safe places
in my mind.
It always seems to find its way
back out to surface after things
had been going well.
Thus the down hill spiral
into the deep dark abyss
once again.

The darkness knows its place
because it created its own space
within my thoughts and feelings.
It turns them into bad things
things I wish I would not
think and feel.
I think dark things
I feel dark things
once again.

I fight and struggle
with the darkness
I try to bring in the light
to make it a better place
to live inside my head.
I pour positive affirmations
into my brain
to find my light

once again.

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