Wednesday, January 27, 2016

PROMPT: As a child, he'd been told dolls were for girls.

PROMPT: As a child, he'd been told dolls were for girls.

Jackson picked up his newest creation and looked it over. A smile spread across his face. His new Vampire Doll looked stunning. The teeth were pearly white, poking out from under a mischievous grin. The long dark hair pulled back into a pony tail at the nape of the neck. He came with a removable black cape with an inside lining that could be a variety of colors. It was perfect. His smile grew, showing in his eyes.

As a child, he'd been told dolls were for girls. Now, here he was making dolls for a living and his largest market was any aged male. He was making it okay for boys and even grown men to enjoy dolls after having the stupid rule of 'dolls are for girls' was jammed down their throats. He'd proven everyone wrong and set new standards. Sure there had been some bumps along the way, some of them more like mountains, but he'd managed to come out ahead.

When he'd started his doll business just five years ago, the world was all in an uproar about gay marriage, offending someone else, and being offended. It seemed like no matter what someone said or did it was wrong and offended someone. Jackson didn't care who decided to feel offended by his dolls he was going to make them anyway.

When Jackson was a child, when he decided to do something, it got done one way or another. He had the determination of the Little Engine That Could. Throughout his college years, he had the highest GPA and earned the highest awards available. When he graduated medical school, hospitals and doctor's offices were fighting each other to have him. Instead he set up his own little clinic is his home town so he could help the people that were always there to help him when he was growing up.

It was during his first year as a doctor that he discovered that many of the boys that came into the clinic would grab the rag doll from the waiting room toy box and bring it back to the exam room with them. He also realized that nearly every parent told the boy that dolls were for girls and he should have grabbed a truck or car instead.

The more Jackson thought about this, the more he remember that he too liked dolls when he was a boy. Heck, he even liked them into his teen years. Of course he always had to play with them in private because he couldn't let anyone know he was playing with dolls. Dolls were for girls and he didn't want to be called a sissy.

Within a week of his revelation about boys and dolls he started to sketch out a more masculine doll to make for the waiting room. The first doll he made was a little farm boy carrying a stuffed cow. The farm boy wore dingy overalls as if he'd been busy working hard to help with the farm chores. He wore a straw hat and a pair of barn boots.

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