Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Prompt: I knew terrible things.

I knew terrible things. Unimaginable things that would make the bravest man cringe in fear and disgust. Things so horrible that just the sight of it would turn the strongest stomach.

I knew these things of my fellow humans. I didn't want to know these things. I never asked to know. I was just handed this curse to know. Some called it a gift but just seeing one person's most secret of secrets would have changed their minds.

These things came into my mind like a movie on the big screen. Any time someone was within 20 feet of me, I would see their secrets, their most horrible of acts. I tried to stop these from coming but only failed. They came without warming, bombarding my mind and my senses.

These visions so intense it was as if I was right there. I smelled the blood and death. I felt the lust and the pain. I tasted sweet lips and wicked blood. I saw everything.

I hated it. I hated knowing what people did to each other. I hated them for doing it or even thinking about doing it. Their sick, twisted minds drove me slowly insane.

I rocked myself into a calm once more. The visions tucked away for the moment until another time to torture me yet again with the downright evilness of human beings.  

(this has potential to be something bigger in the future)

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