Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Just My Brain Wandering

Today did not go as planned. Does it ever? I had so many goals set up for the day and they all got shot to hell. Well, not all of them but most of them. New way of eating didn't go well. Really need to go get groceries first. However, in the mail today, I received a letter from the assistance office saying that I was not going to receive my SNAP benefits for July because I failed to renew my application. So I immediately called my case worker. She was on top of things. She already knew about the issue and was working on it when I called. Kudos for her for being on the ball. The problem had something to do with the computer systems. She called me back later in the day and said she was unable to get it taken care of today because the system was down. She will be working on it as soon as she gets to work tomorrow though. 

I also did not get up when I had planned. Planned wake up time was 8:00 am. I didn't sleep well so did not get up. I know, shame on me. Tomorrow will be a better day. I has to be because I say so.

I had also planned on the bed time of 11:00 pm, which I am currently passed so that I could work on typing something up even though I had and still have nothing really in mind to type. I do have the story idea for Camp NaNoWriMo this month so I can start working on that tomorrow.

Another goal was to write a journal entry. I suppose I can count this as my journal entry since I am just typing whatever is in my head. Yes that will work. So this is the journal entry that I had not done yet. 

Another goal is to reduce my sugar intake. I think I did okay with that today. Didn't drink the amount of water I had planned. I will definitely get the water drank tomorrow though and maybe enough to make up for today as well.

List three things I am grateful for. This is something I plan on doing daily. Let's see. My three things for today are: Leah, my previous therapist, for her opinion and advice on my tentative moving situation. Thanks to her encouragement I have started a plan B for plans of housing and relocation. I am also grateful for my son for participating in the July with me and setting himself goals for the month. The third thing I am grateful for today is finding this website and community. I am hoping that with enough placing I am using for writing it will help me stick to the commitment of writing and writing daily.

I also have a goal to study something. I have several free classes that I have signed up for on different sites that I either have to complete or get started. I did not work on any of them today but plan on getting myself in gear tomorrow.

Writing every day is also a goal. I have tried to do this before and have come short every time. My depression and anxiety often get the better of me and I just don't feel like doing anything and get no enjoyment out of writing at all when I feel that way. No this isn't an excuse, it is just a fact that I deal with every day to some degree. Some days are worse and some are better. I just do the best I can to get through each day.

Tomorrow is another day. A day full of opportunity to do better than I did today. I will push myself to commit to do better tomorrow and do even better the next day. I will not let myself get discouraged to the point of giving up when I stumble because I know that I will stumble and fall flat on my face. I will just brush myself off, lick my wounds, get up and keep going. Eventually I will get to my destination in this life even if I have to go back two steps for every one step I take forward. As long as I keep going, I will make it. Now if I just knew what "IT" was. 

Wow, 730 words already. That went quick. I didn't think to look at the time that I started but I don't think I have been typing very long at all. Woot! Made it to 750 and beyond.

Yay me!!