Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Germ Specialist

Marvin decided to take a visit to his old high school yesterday. So much had changed he didn't even recognize it. The entire inside had been remodeled to be more modernized looking than something from the 1950's.
Everything was arched. There must have been about 200 arches just around the halls on each floor. Each of those arches contained metal fencing to keep people from falling off onto the floor below. Ever the doors to the class rooms were arched. Someone went arch crazy here. He was surprised there weren't arches over the stairs as well.
Marvin felt like a fish out of water, until someone bumped into him on purpose knocking his briefcase out of his hand and spilling its contents out all over the highly polished floor. As he bent down to pick up his papers, someone chuckled. He looked up to see his old high school bully Johnathan Tomas standing glowering down at him.
“He buddy let me help you pick those up.” Johnathan said as he bent down to assist with collecting the papers. “Sorry about that. I had to do it for old time's sake. Sorry about all that bullying I put you through in school. I never realized just how much it can affect a person til I started being a teacher. Kids can be so cruel to each other.”
Marvin smiled surprised at Johnathan's help. “Thank you and yes it can have a lasting affect on someone.” He stood up shoving papers back into his brief case. Johnathan stood up holding out the papers he had collected and Marvin shoves those into the case as well.
Johnathan extended a hand to Marvin. “So what brings you back to old Hempshire High School today, Marvin the Martian?” Johnathan chuckled. “Sorry had to just once. I hope you don't mind.”
“No I don't mind at all,” spit out Marvin through clenched teeth. He takes Johnathan's hand and shakes it.
“So what do you do for a career, Marvin?” Johnathan asked as he started leading him around the school.
“Oh, I am a scientist. I work with germs.” Marvin grins proud of his accomplishments.
Johnathan lets out a hearty laugh and slaps Marvin on the back. “You always were a very big nerd. That's one reason you got picked on so much when we were kids. “Oh here take a look at this. This is the cafeteria. Looks more like a college set up doesn't it. There are so many choices and the entire floor is open. The kids love that they can choose what they have to eat. It really is a great set up. Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?
“Thank you, Johnathan, but I am good. I ate before I came thank you.” Marvin took in all the new cafeteria sights and smells. One smell reached out to him and he wanted some of it. Pizza. It smelled divine. Yet, he could not afford to take his hands out of his pockets at this time. So the pizza would have to wait.
Johnathan showed him the new gym, complete with a new Olympic sized swimming pool and new basket ball courts. Outside was a soccer field and several tennis courts along with the track and football field.
Marvin had the priveledge of seeing Johnathan's new office as well. It is here that he took his hands out of his pockets finally. “I want to thank you for the wonderful tour.” He extended his hand to Johnathan, who took it.
Johnathan's curiousity got the better of him. “I noticed that after we picked up your papers, you never took your hands out of your pockets. Was there a reason for that?”
Marvin grins. “Absolutely. I am a germ specialist remember.”
“So you were trying not to get any germs on your hands?”
“Oh no not at all. I'm not afraid of any of the germs I could get here. The one you have to worry about is a special germ that I created myself. I named it Johnathan just for you. No one knows that I made it. There is no cure. In the end, you will die.”
Johnathan stared at Marvin in disbelief. “You mean to tell me that you just gave me some kind of germ that only you know about because you created it? What a bunch of bull pucky.”
“Well, if that's what you want to think, go ahead but I would start watching for syptoms if I were you. They should start in a couple hours.”
“What are the syptoms, Marvin? Please tell me.”
“Now that would spoil the surprise now wouldn't it ol' buddy, Johnathan?” Marvin grins clear to his eyes and nods at Johnathan. “Have a nice day Johnathan.” Before closing the door, Marvin looks back at Johnathan who now looks incredibly worried and perplexed. Marvin chuckled to himself and shut the door.
Marvin ditches the brief case full of papers in the first waste can he comes to. All just part of the prank. Johnathan fell for it hook, line, and sinker. After all the teasing Johnathan put Marvin through, it was time for him to have his.
Marvin enters the cafeteria, orders two slices of pizza and a mountain dew. He finds a seat next to a large window so he can sit and watch the bird outside playing. As he takes a bite of his pizza, he wonders just how long it will take Johnathan to realize he'd been scammed. Marvin works as a custodian at the school for seven years now and not once did Johnathan even notice him. Now he will never forget him. Will he realize it is a prank or spend the rest of his life thinking every little itch, bug bite or sniffle is something from the germ that Marvin the germ scientist created just for him.

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