Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sometimes the best intentions often go unnoticed.

She wondered how long it would take her kids to notice the gifts under the tree. They are older now and not so inclined to get excited about Christmas. She guessed she wasn't as excited about it herself. The tree was white with blue decorations. A request from her daughter. The tree looked great. Her son did nothing but grumble about having to have decorations at all. She just couldn't win.

Her son was away for college more often than not and that was quite alright with her as he had a tendency to be incredibly negative and grumpy most of the time. Some days it would be better for her if he wasn't at the house.

Trying to find a way to be positive with that much negativity going around makes it very draining on her. He daughter didn't help much either. She seemed to be either grouchy or bitchy and some times both. I've heard that's normal for a 15 year old these days. Had she down or said half what her daughter has when she was growing up, she'd have been backhanded and paddled. Now it is the normal for the kids to act this way? Something doesn't seem right with that picture.

She sat near the Christmas tree thinking back over the years and how when the kids were younger they seemed to appreciate her more. They didn't really say it when they were younger but they showed it. Now it seemed like sometimes the best of intentions went unnoticed by her kids. They didn't appreciate anything she did. Honestly, it seemed they felt they were obligated to get whatever I gave them and then some.

It was very frustrating for her. Her heart would cry silently tonight, like every night, after hearing her son complain about everything and her daughter giving her attitude with a magnitude of a 7.0 on a Richter scale.

Her only wish this Christmas was that they would know how much she loves them and that she is sorry she hasn't been the best mother in the world but she's done what she can with what she's had. She may not have always made the best choices but she always tried to fix them and think of her kids. It wasn't always easy. So many times she just wanted to walk away and not look back it got so bad. But she loved them and she stayed to be put through more torment.

Love will make you do crazy things some times. Like stick around and keep trying no matter what life throws at you.

Sometimes the best of intentions often go unnoticed. Pay attention today and appreciate even the smallest thing that someone does for you. It could mean the difference between going to bed wanting to die and going to bed excited for a new day to come.

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