Wednesday, December 23, 2015

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

He comes out at night
and gets into your head.
He sees you when you're sleeping
in your safe, comfy bed.

Cover your head
don't you dare peek
close your eyes tight
no matter what you seek.

If you hear a noise
don't make a peep
don't even move
pretend you're asleep.

It isn't Santa,
that fat, jolly elf
with lots of toys
to put on your shelf.

He's dark and he's ugly
full of worms and of slugs.
He eats small rodents
and all little bugs.

He scurries around
all through the night
just to see you
such a beautiful sight.

Your childish spirit
is what this one seeks
so stay under those covers
and don't you dare freak.

He craves the fear
of good boys and girls
their spirits he takes
in smoke-like swirls.

When your spirit is gone
and belongs to him
he hangs your body
out on a limb.

Everyone knows then
that you were bad
your family and friends
will surely be sad.

For now you belong
to He who is watching
from under your bed
when sleep you should be snatching.

(c) Teresa Brown/Ananda Crystal 12/23/15

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